Having been thoroughly outclassed by GWS in Sydney in round six

The 21 year old Muslim convert took an interest in Syria, mainly through online militant videos, while serving a prison sentence for assault and robbery. After his release, he made two trips to Syria to transport relief supplies and people. He says he never fought, but he posted pictures online of himself posing with heavy […]

Theweight is just piling on, all over me I can feel it

Computer programmer Nick enjoys dressing up as a baby and being humiliated by Mistress Anna while sweating buckets. We pay forvideostoo. ClickheretouploadyoursNews Group Newspapers Limited in England No. Inspired by John C Calhoun dystopian mouse universe experiments at the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH)The work tapped into the era’s feeling of dread that crowded […]

“If anyone does get something like this through the post

Howie Kendrick is tired of all the naysayers who have been criticizing the Dodgers this season. The second baseman posted the following on his Instagram account Tuesday: funny how people who have never played baseball at a professional level or maybe even high school have an opinion about baseball. Of course it easy to sit […]

On some occasions you are deliberately being lied to

Hunter Biden’s story was well narrated by Adam Entous in the New Yorker last July. The piece described a young man with drug, alcohol and marital problems, who joined the Burisma board in 2014 after his beloved brother Beau had the first lesion removed from what would be a fatal brain cancer. Hunter Biden was […]